With megatrends such as digitisation, individualisation and sustainability, networking is becoming increasingly relevant. Digital product and system solutions are in greater demand than ever - and with the connected kitchen, Dornbracht supplies a holistic concept for real functional added value in the modern kitchen. 

With digitally controlled fittings, the intelligent operating concept not only makes kitchen operations more efficient and convenient, but also opens up numerous possibilities for adapting functions to individual needs. Basis for this is the specially by Dornbracht developed product solution eUnit Kitchen which can be used to control applications conveniently and intuitively. 

Dornbracht's concept for connected kitchen stands for the development of an innovative product solution with an intuitive user interface with full ability of connectivity. That innovation introduced the foot sensor and the digital smart tools, which precisely regulated water supply, dosage, and temperature. 

The main innovation of the connected kitchen is the addition of voice command, which Dornbracht developed using digitalSTROM smart home systems, a digital platform that allows devices to be controlled via software. Like all Dornbracht digital products, the products for the connected kitchen have an open IP interface. Once connected to digitalSTROM, the open interface allows voice command devices such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa to be seamlessly integrated. Personal settings can also be programmed individually with Dornbracht’s in-house application, SMART WATER. 

The functions of the connected kitchen are based on the needs of the three zones in a professional kitchen, which are  “Preparing”, “Cleaning” and “Cooking”. The different control options in the connected kitchen can be used in all three zones to optimize the various processes there. 

Learn more about the interaction between DORNBRACHT and digitalSTROM in the app 'Intelligent Kitchen', which is available for iOS and Android. Go to the app: kueche.digitalstrom.com 

*Not available for USA/CANADA

eUnit Kitchen

The first electronic product solution for the kitchen from Dornbracht: the different functions of eUNIT KITCHEN help you with your everyday work in the kitchen. The control elements give you accurate control of water temperature and volume and the foot sensor takes the place of a ”missing“ free hand, allowing water to flow without you having to lift a finger.

Added to this are the electronic strainer waste and a water dispensing function that allows water to be dispensed in precise amounts of 1 litre and 0.1 litre steps. Thanks to its compact construction, the eUNIT KITCHEN can be situated in 'plug-'n'-play' fashion beneath the sink without taking up too much space.


Voice command

“Prepare kitchen” – a simple voice command such as this and the light over the counter turns on. eUNIT KITCHEN will control your sink by automatically operating actions such as selecting the ideal water amount and temperature to gently clean lettuce or vegetables.


Display control

Three liters of hot water for the pasta pot, 200 milliliters of lukewarm water for the dough, or a bowl of cold water for shocking vegetables after blanching. This process sometimes requires a specific amount of water at a very specific temperature. eUNIT KITCHEN eliminates the need for measuring cups and thermometers in the kitchen due to the integrated digital smart tools which allow water amount and temperature to be set precisely.


Foot control

Someone who is busy kneading dough or cutting meat does not have a clean hand available to use a kitchen fitting. In such situation, eUNIT KITCHEN can be conveniently operated using your feet. When the foot sensor is activated, exactly the right amount of water is dispensed, for example for washing your hands at the optimum temperature.