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Designer kitchen fittings from Dornbracht

Dornbracht kitchen fittings epitomise stunning design with a high recognition factor. Their design language is based on the five principles that characterise the entire Dornbracht product portfolio: proportion, precision, progressiveness, personality and performance. These 5 Ps form the basis of a lasting aesthetic quality that is guided by universal design principles. Dornbracht collaborates with Sieger Design to develop stylistically influential products that combine aesthetic quality, emotion and extreme ease of use. Dornbracht kitchen fittings are available in various design series, including multi-award-winning icons such as TARA, LOT or META.02. Dornbracht’s carefully curated selection of finishes also gives many different ways to highlight the individual style of your kitchen – from polished chrome to platinum to CYPRUM. An interior can feel timeless and elegant, cool and modern or sensuous and warm, depending on the colour, material and texture of the finishes.


SYNC is a premium fitting that features a dynamic, front-facing design language that literally comes towards the user. The tapered transition between the body and the spout - and the inner contour of the groove-free lever running parallel to it - are characteristic of the design. The tapered shape of the body of the fitting also continues in the trapezoidal profile of the lever. A design variant of SYNC, with a circular spout, is also available.

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LOT is sculptural in appearance. A highly architectonic fitting with an ultra flat, one-piece spout. It is focused on its function, drawing itself back - and that is exactly what makes it so striking. When combined with the platinum matt finish, its character oscillates between the severity of the form and the warmth of the material. LOT allows you to set specific emphases in a minimalist ambience. Uncompromisingly pared down in form, yet still satisfyingly functional. 

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Tara Ultra

TARA ULTRA is the modern interpretation of TARA CLASSIC, specifically for the kitchen. The typical TARA spout geometry has been integrated into an independent design that is specific to the kitchen. The particularly tall, slender spout gives you great freedom to work with large pots and pans and other vessels. The ergonomically placed lever has a new and particularly striking design. TARA ULTRA is highly versatile and its restrained design allows it to harmonize with many different materials and colours. The more discreet the material, the more the unique forms are shown to advantage.

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ENO is a new single-lever mixer for the kitchen, with a lever concept that reduces hot water consumption intuitively. Whereas single-lever kitchen mixers commonly supply a mixture of hot-and-cold water when the lever is in the neutral position, with ENO, only cold water flows with the lever in this position. So there are no energy costs for heating the water. The clear-cut, functional design language is a feature of ENO, which is also underlined by the precise 90° opening angle of the lever. The cylindrical body of the fitting continues in an ergonomically shaped spout. Extending spray or extending tip versions of ENO are available as options, in addition to the classical single-lever mixer variant. 

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With its round, harmonious shapes, ELIO gives us a feeling of comfort that brings to mind uncomplicated, everyday moments. And working with ELIO is just the same, because the functions of this fitting are designed to meet every requirement, from washing vegetables to washing up. Particular care was taken in its design to ensure that the everyday sequences of movement are ergonomic. An extending spray is integrated in the spout of the fitting that comfortably reaches every area of the sink unit. Also, if you gently press the perfectly integrated control button, the spray changes from normal aerator flow to a more powerful spray jet.

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Meta 02

META.02 stands for a high level of combinability and durability: a consistent reduction of form and volume, coupled with a high degree of aestheticising. But what makes META.02 such an excellent example of Dornbracht's design expertise is not just minimizing the size of the fitting and the use of materials, it is also the reduction in form. In the kitchen, META.02 creates additional space for working and cooking because the modules of the fitting can be positioned anywhere you like. The mixer, spout and rinsing spray can be positioned exactly where you need them to be.

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Tara Classic

TARA CLASSIC looks impressive, with its clear-cut, puristic form. The high quality of workmanship during manufacture and the choice of high-quality materials give the design language its clear-cut contours and character. A minimalist concept that elevates this fitting to the status of a design object for kitchen and bathroom. If you want simple operation, you will really appreciate the TARA CLASSIC single-lever mixer. If you want more, the TARA CLASSIC Profi spray set offers perfect assistance. It combines convenience and professionalism and impressively increases the radius of action around the fitting with its swinging arm.

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TARA. is the contemporary interpretation of a design icon for the kitchen with small changes and fine details. But it is precisely these details that determine the class of TARA. TARA. looks more elegant: The extended body formally straightens up the fitting. The rosettes and handles are more streamlined, the overall contours are sharper. to put even greater emphasis on the perfect, geometric, symmetrical and clear design language and to concentrate and refocus. This refinement also puts TARA CLASSIC in the kitchen back under the TARA umbrella, so that in future, this will be the only programme – with lever or cross-handle options.

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