Cyprum - A warm rose gold shade
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Rose gold in the kitchen

A warm rose gold shade, with a high-gloss and multi-faceted finish. Cyprum is based on 18-carat gold with copper and provides a special accent in every kitchen.

Cyprum is available as standard for the following faucets: Tara., Tara Classic, Tara Ultra

Please ask for the availability of the Cyprum finish for other products our xTra-Service.

Production: Cyprum

  • Basic material: brass / ABS (plastic) / die-cast zinc

  • Surface work: rough grinding and regrinding, polishing, superfine polishing

  • Preparatory treatment: cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning

  • First plated coating: shiny nickel

  • Second plated coating: palladium nickel

  • Third plated coating: 18-carat gold