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Specialised kitchen fittings with added value

Washing vegetables, filleting fish, cleaning baking trays, making tea or having a drink of water. The water point is where many of the functions and processes in the kitchen come together.

The demands made on the fitting will vary greatly, depending on the task in hand. A precise and powerful jet of water is required to clean pots and pans, whereas a gentle spray flow is ideal for washing food. Some activities need a large radius of action at the water point, whereas sometimes a certain amount of water at a quite specific temperature is all that is required.

Dornbracht is aware of this and has developed specialised kitchen fittings to support the various processes in the kitchen precisely and efficiently. From a single-lever mixer with an extending spout or extending spray (pull down/pull-out fittings), to the POT FILLER, which fills pots directly over the stove, to the BAR TAP drinking water fitting, an elegant and space-saving way to replace heavy crates of water in the kitchen.

Rinsing & Profi Spray Set

Optimisation for every kitchen

Sophisticated design meets professional functionality: Dornbracht is perfecting today's kitchen with its new dishwasher and professional showers. The showers can be freely integrated into the kitchen workstation across all series thanks to a comprehensive range of combinations, thus offering the ideal optimisation for every kitchen. While the new rinsing spray features a completely new spray face, the professional spray offers a particularly powerful spray jet for washing vegetables, fruit and meat.

Profi Spray Set

With the profi spray set, Dornbracht simultaneously introduces two pertinent aspects into today's kitchen: sophisticated design and professional functionality. The spray set can be simply placed at the kitchen workplace and can be combined with all design ranges from Dornbracht. This means that additional functions in a comprehensive choice of combinations are available. The profi spray set provides a particularly powerful rinsing jet for washing vegetables, fruit and meat.

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Rinsing Spray Set

Flexible, thorough and very precise: the rinsing spray set helps with everyday chores at the most important workplace in the kitchen – the water point. It has a large, full spray face with a soft spray flow, as well as an extending hose for maximum freedom of movement. Thanks to its neutral design, the rinsing spray set is compatible with all Dornbracht’s design series.

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Extending Spout

More flexibility

Additional comfort in the kitchen: specially designed for working in the kitchen, the single-lever mixers with pull-out and pull-down function offer optimum flexibility thanks to their raised swivel spout and long lever. The shower head can be flexibly steered to the respective place of use and thus increases the radius of action on the sink. The clear shapes of the faucets make them ideal for any kitchen ambience.

Pull Down

The pull-down single-lever mixer features a functional element that can be extended downward. The pull-down element of this functional type enlarges the action radius of the fitting and can be taken easily to the required place of use. The pull-down single-lever mixer supplies two jets depending on use: a natural laminar jet with low spray behaviour and a powerful rinsing jet. You can switch between the two conveniently at the touch of a button an the rear of the black pull-out element.

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Pull Out

The pull-out single-lever mixer features a functional element that can be extended forwards and can be ordered with an extending spout or extending spray, as required.

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Profi Fittings

The Profi Fittings combine comfort with professionalism: The pivotable Profi Single-Lever Mixer increases the radius of action around the fitting and thus offers a considerable variety of movement and design. A permanent change between the flow types - air-enriched flow or spray flow - is easy and possible and at any time.

Tara Ultra Profi Fitting


Tara Classic Profi Fitting


Pot Filler

The POT FILLER has a cold water-only valve and makes it possible to fill pots and containers directly at the cooker. The wall-mounted fitting has an outlet featuring two flexible swivel joints. This feature enables movement in every direction. Only its backward range of motion is limited to prevent it from hitting walls. Because it is wall-mounted, the outlet height can be freely adjusted to allow ample space when working with large pots and containers. The outlet of up to 500 mm also provides convenient reach. The TARA ULTRA POT FILLER articulates the clearly defined lines and decisively sleek design characteristic of the entire series. The water itself echoes these notes as a pure, clear laminar stream; a conscious decision was made against the inclusion of an aerator.



PIVOT combines high-quality aesthetics with optimum functionality. It is the first fitting for use on the entire kitchen island - with its 360° radius of action, the individual areas of application within the kitchen can be linked together effortlessly. The practical twist handle right at the spout ensures simple, ergonomic operation. PIVOT is characterised by a clearly defined shape and a refined, minimalist design. In addition to the finishes chrome and platinum matt, selected product types of the series are also available in CYPRUM.


The source of drinking water for your home

The elegant drinking water source for the home: Water Dispenser and Bar Tap combine useful and practical functions with high ease of use. They deliver cold or hot filtered drinking water in a small space and without any lead time.
The BAR TAP fitting solution is the simplest way for a refreshing glass of filtered water. It is ideally suited as a source of drinking water at home and is perfectly tailored to the special needs of living spaces.

Water Dispenser

One lever, two functions: the WATER DISPENSER produces filtered, cold or hot water (93°C) instantly. Hot beverages such as coffee and tea can be prepared quickly and comfortably. In addition, the WATER DISPENSER is a useful addition to the functions in the kitchen for blanching vegetables or cooking pasta. It is comfortably straightforward to operate: control lever tilted back - cold water, control lever tilted forwards - hot water. The clearly defined, natural laminar jet guarantees no dangerous splashes and precise dosing of the water. The WATER DISPENSER is available in the design language of the series ELIO, META 02, LOT, TARA CLASSIC and TARA ULTRA.

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Bar Tap

BAR TAP is a delicate tap solution for bars – for a refreshing glass of filtered water at any time. So the BAR TAP is the simplest way to have an elegant drinking water source in the kitchen.


Individual design with special added value

Whether practical washing-up liquid dispensers, eccentric actuation or professional and rinsing showers: Dornbracht accessories complete the kitchen ambience as functionally as stylishly and give every series even more comfort. The accessories simplify the work processes in the kitchen. The reduced, clear design guarantees that fitting and accessories form a formal unit - each accessory is tailored to the individual requirements in the kitchen and is available in a wide range of designs.


Whether it comes to washing-up liquid dispenser, strainer waste or profi or rinsing spray: Dornbracht miscellaneous items round off the kitchen ambience in a way that is as functional as it is stylish. They facilitate work processes in the kitchen and form the perfect addition to each series. Their reduced, clear design ensures that the fittings and miscellaneous items always combine to make a uniform entity – no matter which series, surface finish or miscellaneous items you choose.