Special production according to your personal needs

From its very inception, Dornbracht, the fitting manufacturer, has never been a fittings manufactuer in the conventional sense. Our history now extends for over 60 years, during which we have abandoned the conventional routes time and again and have established ourselves with the reputation of a specialist for high quality and, above all, individual fittings and accessories for the bathroom and kitchen. With each of our fittings we also document our fascination for perfect manufacturing work. We use traditional craftsmanship as the basis for the very highest quality possible today – a combination of function, form and quality production for every single product design. Work at Dornbracht is not so much a matter of mechanics, but more a matter of mental or even emotional qualities. Every individual employee must be in love with every single one of our fittings, because that is the only way we can explain their great attention to detail and their continuous search for an even more perfect solution, that is a particular characteristic of our x-TRA SERVICE department. Many clever, precisely coordinated steps result in the aforementioned products that our customers expect from us.